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Time of Zygon, written by Laurence Neave, is considered to be one of the finest examples of a Doctor Who fan film in circulation. The narrative involves Pope Zygon seeking vengeance on the Golder Doctor and Penny after several thousand years of waiting.

Written adaptation Edit

Due to such acclaim amongst fans, a novelization is currently in the works, which will expound on many of the story's more complex aspects.

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Quotes Edit

"What aliens have orange blood?" - Penny Lane

"I don't know...but it could be Zygon." - The Golder Doctor

"I thought I saw the Doctor!" - Richard Whoman

"Oh, you must be dreaming, darling." - Margaret Whoman

"What are you doing here?"

"Look Doctor! What's that?" - Penny Lane

"I thought I killed him..." - Richard Whoman

"Some of these bones are centuries old!" - The Golder Doctor